A Pet Lovers' Guide for Selecting a Security Screen

With the fifth-highest burglary rate in the world, Australian homeowners are investing in home security systems for peace of mind. A significant part of the investment is spent on security screens, due to their affordability. Moreover, unlike other security systems such as alarms and surveillance videos, security screens provide a physical barrier between your home and a potential intruder. That said, security screens are designed differently, and it might be difficult for a pet owner to choose the right barrier for their needs. This article highlights a guide to help pet owners select the right security screen door.


Standard security screen doors are manufactured with fly mesh, which helps keep bugs at bay. While the security screens are enough for a standard home, they are not the best choice for a pet lover's house. The reason is that pets such as dogs and cats love to claw at surfaces and can easily destroy the mesh fabric on regular security screens. Additionally, muscular dog breeds such as boxers, golden retrievers and pit bulls can run straight through the mesh in one shot. Therefore, install a security screen whose fly-mesh is paw proof and strong enough to prevent pets from ramming through.

Pet Door

Sharing your indoor space with pets is a crucial consideration when purchasing a security screen door. Sadly, some homeowners do not consider this aspect and are forced to open and close a security screen door every time their pet wants to go out or come inside. The back and forth can be frustrating and tiresome, especially if you are busy. Security screen doors with pet doors offer your furry friends a secure, safe and independent passage out of and into the house. Furthermore, pet doors on-screen doors come in small, medium and large sizes. Therefore, choose the right size so that your pet does not struggle to go through. For instance, if you have a chihuahua and a bulldog, install a security screen with a medium-sized pet door.

Customised Positioning

Pet doors are installed on the bottom part of a security screen door. However, you can choose whether you want the door at the centre or on the sides. Some homeowners ignore this and only realise the mistake when their pets find it challenging to go through the door. For instance, if you have a permanent mirror box on the right side of your entryway, the pet door should be on the screen's left side. It prevents the mirror box from acting as an obstacle.

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