Three Reasons to Consider Car Window Tinting If You Have Kids

Car window tinting isn't just for show, and there are a variety of practical reasons to choose window tinting if you regularly travel with kids. Your little ones will be fully protected from UV rays, which can increase the risk of serious conditions like skin cancer. Your kids will be able to stay entertained watching films and playing games on long journeys without screen glare ruining the experience. You'll also benefit from increased privacy while moving and while stationary, giving you valuable peace of mind. Read on for full details on the three reasons car window tinting could be perfect for you and your family.

Protection from UV rays

The car window tinting film offers increased protection from UV rays, which is great news for you and your kids. Exposure to UV rays causes skin to age more quickly and increases the risk of skin cancer. While you can keep your kids protected outdoors using sunglasses, sun cream and hats, it's likely that they won't be keen to wear these in the car. Choosing window tinting means your kids are protected no matter what they're wearing, and having permanent tints is much more convenient than using stick-on car sunshades, which can fall down or leave gaps.

Reduced glare for eyes and screens

If you regularly travel long distances, devices like tablets, smartphones and portable games consoles can be a great way to keep little ones entertained. However, when you're travelling on sunny days, there's a risk of glare on screens, making them difficult to use. This can frustrate kids when they're already bored and lead to some serious temper tantrums. With tinted windows, they'll be protected from glare and can enjoy all the gadgets they like. It's also easier for kids to enjoy looking out of the window without the sun in their eyes — perfect for games like 'I Spy'.

Increased privacy while travelling

Tinted windows give you and your family the privacy you need while travelling. There's no risk of fellow road users seeing into your car, which is ideal for situations like a quick nappy change or change of clothes. If your kids are older, you'll still benefit from the increased privacy, as there'll be no risk of opportunistic thieves noticing expensive gadgets that may have accidentally been left on show by your teen. This reduces your chance of falling victim to a 'smash and grab' theft and will give you complete peace of mind wherever you're parked.

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