Keep Cool: Tips for Holding a Garden Get Together

Nearly every Australian household takes delight in hosting an outdoor family get together or party in the summer. With the amount of sunlight we Australians enjoy, there can be little doubt that gathering around the pool or inviting friends over to share a drink with a barbecue in the garden makes sense. Indeed, barbecuing is often regarded as a national pastime. However, as we all know, too much sun is not great for the skin and too much heat can wear you out rapidly. What should we all be doing to stay out of the sun and remain cool when having fun with friends and family?

Open Your House Up

A garden-based get together is often an informal affair with people mingling and kids and pets running around. It can, therefore, be tempting to keep the party outdoors only. However, you should make at least one room of your home available for guests to use so that they can get fully out of the sun's glare for a while. Even if you don't want the air-conditioning on, create a cooling breeze with an electric fan or two.

Create More Shade Outside

Getting out of the sun is not always easy on a day with clear blue skies. Shade sails are becoming ever more popular in gardens nowadays, whether as temporary or permanent installations, and are a helpful way of generating more shading. Once the preserve of schools' playing areas only, they are a simple solution and can create a shaded area over either your lawn or patio. They even perform effectively when the sun is low in the sky. Car shade covers can also work well for generating a bit of additional comfort, so why not consider parking elsewhere during a family get together and creating a seating area under yours?

Use Misting Fans

On very hot and dry days it can become stifling to be outside even when everyone is having a good time. By using a misting fan you can not only lower your guests' body temperatures, but also make them feel refreshed. An oscillating misting fan is the best sort to go for. These devices not only offer an increased area of coverage but the water that inevitably builds up on the floor is less localised. This leads to fewer slips and means that you don't need to keep re-positioning the fan since the misting process is not focused on one specific part of your garden only. Misting fans are available to both purchase and to hire.

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