Double Glazed Windows: What Are Their Benefits?

Double glazing, also referred to as insulated grazing is the utilization of two glass panes to construct a single window for the purpose of reducing sound and heat transmissions. By using double glazed windows, the gap between the two glass panels significantly reduces the transmission of heat and sound, unlike single glazed windows where both elements easily get transferred.

For instance, during summer, single glazed windows allow excess sunlight to pass through resulting in the heating up the house whereas, during winter, heat can easily escape making the house cooler.

Below are the main pros a double glazed window can provide for a household.

Reducing energy bills

During winter and summer, homes utilize air conditioning systems to make the living space warmer and cooler respectively. As a result of the a/c systems constantly being on, energy consumption tends to increase and directly proportionally so do the energy bills. By installing double glazed windows, you won't have to crank up the a/c system because, during winter, the windows prevent the loss of heat; and during summer they will prevent excess heat from entering the house. Thus, the energy consumption on air conditioning gets reduced, and so does the energy bill.


Apart from preventing the transmission of heat, double glazed windows also lessen the transfer of sound to and from inside the household. Thus, if you are one of those individuals who live near airports and often gets disturbed by the loud sounds of roaring airplane engines, double glazed windows are a perfect solution. Likewise, if your neighbours tend to play loud music at night, installing double glazed windows can reduce the noise pollution entering your household. Alternatively, the windows improve the level of privacy of a home because no one can hear what the people inside are talking about.

Improved safety

During break-ins, burglars tend to use the windows to gain entry into a home because window panes are easy to break as well as open from the outside. However, double glazed windows are tougher to break through compared to regular single glazed window panes. Thus, installing double glazed windows is a great preventative measure against getting robbed especially in areas that are prone to burglars.

Property value

Due to the numerous benefits provided by double glazed windows, having them installed could potentially boost the value of a building for sale. Thus, when selling the building, having double glazed windows and doors is a significant valuation factor when calculating how much the property is worth.

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