Skylights: Why They Are a Perfect Addition to Any Home

Despite Australia being one of the sunniest countries you could live in, there are still people who suffer from vitamin D deficiency. This is because a great number of people spend their time indoors, whether it is at home or at work. If the structure you are in is not well illuminated with natural lighting, then you will not be receiving sufficient amounts of vitamin D from the sun. If you are looking to increase the amount of natural lighting in your home, an ideal option would be skylights. Below are some of the reasons why skylights are a perfect addition to any home.

Skylights are an eco-conscious lighting alternative

When making changes to your residence, it is always best to select things that would enhance the energy efficiency of your premises. That is why simply installing new lighting may not be the answer to your illumination needs as it means staying dependent on artificial lighting. The more artificial lighting in your home, the higher your utility bills. It also translates into a bigger carbon footprint for your home. Skylights, on the other hand, are eco-conscious since they function to direct the sunlight right into your home. The number of skylights you install will simply depend on how illuminated you want your home to be.

Skylights keep your home private

A downside of installing new windows in your home is that you now have additional privacy concerns to worry about. Especially if the main aim of the windows is to increase illumination in your home. You would then have to consider window treatments that would enable light to filter in while preserving your privacy. You would not have to worry about this when you opt for skylights. Since they are installed on the ceiling, you can greatly increase the natural illumination in your home without having to worry about nosy neighbours peering into your premises.

Skylights can enhance your overall health

A little-known fact about skylights is that they can actually function to improve the health of the inhabitants in your home. One of the health hazards that homes tend to be at risk of is mould and mildew. These fungi need dark and moist conditions to thrive. Skylights will increase the amount of sunlight streaming into your home, which greatly decreases the chance of mould thriving. Another way that skylights can improve your health is by boosting your serotonin levels due to increased natural lighting. This functions to keep you in a good mood.

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