Answering Some Questions You Might Have About New Residential Windows

New residential windows are a good investment for any homeowner and, in some cases, may even improve your home's overall value. When you do choose new windows, you want to ensure you make the right choice in this new investment; note a few questions you might have about new windows and then discuss these with an installer as needed.

1. Is it better to get cheap windows and then have film added?

Window film can be added once you have windows installed and this can help to block and deflect light and also add to window insulation. However, film may not be as good of an insulator as reflective glass, which may have metallic elements that bounce sunlight off the windows rather than letting it get into the home and then raise the interior temperature. Other types of glass may be thicker so that the home is better insulated. While adding film might be more affordable than investing in weatherproof glass or reflective glass, for a better long-term investment that protects your home from outside elements, opt for high-quality glass with your new residential windows instead.

2. Do double-paned windows fog up or get dust in between the panes?

If you've ever seen double-glazed or double-paned windows with fog, moisture, dust, or anything else between the panes, this is the result of poor-quality sealing of those panes. High-quality windows should be airtight and properly sealed so that nothing, not even dust, can get between those panes. Ask a window installer about their warranty options so you know how long you can expect those double-glazed windows to stay sealed; most installers will offer a decades-long warranty to stand behind their work, and you know those panes will then stay clear of fog, moisture, and the like.

3. Why is vinyl so popular for new windows?

Vinyl windows are lightweight so they're good for older homes where the wood of the home's frame may be weakened and cannot support the weight of heavier materials. Vinyl also doesn't need any touch-up painting over the years and will withstand dents and dings. Vinyl windows also won't warp or change shape as wood windows do when they absorb moisture; vinyl windows should then open and close easily, without sticking, as long as you own them. While vinyl is, of course, not your only option for new windows, consider how well it holds up over the years and how little maintenance it requires before deciding on another window material for your home.

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