Windows: Replacement Options to Consider

With heating and cooling being some of the more exorbitant costs in the home, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to make their residence energy efficient. The best place to start when doing this would be by replacing your windows. This is because the older the windows are, the higher the chances that they will be letting drafts into your home. This, in turn, leads you to depend on your heating and cooling in an attempt to achieve comfortable temperatures within the household. When it comes to window replacement, you will find an assortment of styles as well as materials that you could choose. Below are some of the different replacement options that you may consider for your residence.

Aluminium replacement windows

One of the durable window solutions that you could consider are aluminium replacement windows. The reason for this is they are not susceptible to structural wear and tear in the form of splitting, cracking, shrinking or warping as timber windows would be. In addition to this, aluminium replacement windows are exceptionally lightweight, which makes them a great option for individual who would not want to be tasked with raising heavy windows.

It should be noted though that aluminium replacement windows should only be installed by professional contractors. This is because the improper installation will lead to inadequate insulation, making your windows susceptible to condensation.

Clad replacement windows

Another option you could opt for are clad insulated windows. These types of windows afford you the aesthetic of timber on the interior of your home with the resilience of vinyl cladding on the exterior. As such, you can rest assured that your replacement windows will be weather resistant without you having to compromise on the attractiveness of the windows inside the home. A major advantage of vinyl clad replacement windows is that they are a low maintenance option. You will not have to engage in sealing, painting and other measures to keep the windows in good condition.

In addition to this, the vinyl clad replacement windows come in an assortment of colours as well as designs making them ideal for people looking to enhance the aesthetics of their windows. Lastly, clad replacement windows offer a high degree of insulation for your home. This makes them a functional solution for areas that experience extreme weather conditions on a regular basis. It should be noted though that clad replacement windows can be a pricey option.

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