Fantastic Film: 4 Additional Ways Privacy Window Film Can Benefit Your Home

Simple, durable and easy to apply, modern privacy window films have come a long way from the fragile, easily-peeled films of years gone by. However, applying privacy film to your home's windows can do far more than simply block the views of any potential voyeurs; here are just some of the additional benefits applying these films to your windows can provide:

UV blocking

Privacy films function by blocking or reflecting excessive outdoor light from entering your home, and while this is highly effective at reducing your indoor visibility to outsiders it also serves to block virtually all of the harmful, ultraviolet rays that sunlight produces. This can be a great health benefit, particularly if you spend significant amounts of time by your windows or in a sun room, by blocking out ultraviolet light which can cause skin damage, premature aging and even certain types of skin cancer. This UV-blocking property also benefits your soft furnishings, drapes and carpets, which can become badly faded if exposed to excessive UV light over a long period.

Broken window safety

Though privacy films may appear somewhat flimsy once they are applied, once properly adhere to your window they form a tough chemical bond with the glass, providing a surprisingly strong layer of reinforcement to your window's durability. This doesn't just make your windows somewhat harder to break; it also ensures that a window that does become broken does not shatter, but simply cracks while remaining in one piece. This eliminates the potential dangers posed by shards of broken glass, minimises the amount of broken glass that needs to be cleaned up, and makes removing and replacing the broken pane a simpler and easier task.

Glare reduction

The dark tint of privacy film also serves to reduce glare when the sun is at its brightest. This makes TV and computer screens easier to see on bright days, and can be particularly useful when applied to bedroom windows or windows that face east. If you are concerned that privacy films may block out too much light and force you to rely on artificial light you need not worry, as a wide variety of different tints are available to provide varying levels of glare reduction.

Heat insulation

Certain privacy films, particularly high-end reflective models, can make surprisingly effective heat insulators that dramatically reduce the amount of heat exchange that passes through you windows. This can be a great boon all year round, preventing excessive outdoor heat from entering your home during summer (and subsequently lowering your air conditioning bills) and keeping more heat indoors during colder winter months (which leaves you less reliant on internal heating).

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